Running with No Music

Yesterday was a beautiful but crisp Sunday morning. So, before my kids woke and required my full attention I jumped up and got out the door for a run. Several things happened in my haste to get out the door. One, I only put on a tank top and a sweatshirt. Two, I didn’t charge my phone all the way and Three, I forgot my ear buds!!! I knew that after I started moving number one would not matter that much but two and three were almost enough for me to turn around and go home.


I didn’t really want to be out there. As a matter of fact the last thing I said to my husband before I left was ” I don’t feel like doing this but…” It was cold and when I made it to the track and realized that I really wanted some music to help me along. There were two choices and I chose to just keep going.


As I ran along, I realized that running with no music can be a great way to get focused and balanced. During the week, life can take everything out of us. It could be work commitments or family obligations or some other thing that has sucked the life out of your week. However, a good run can change your perspective. It may not change any of the situations but it can change your mind.

As I ran with no music, I began listening to my own thoughts. I was amazed at how many thoughts I had that told me to stop and quit. My mind was battling my body over and over again. I had to force my mind to quiet itself and focus on my surroundings, my breathing, my footsteps, my heartbeat. Anything but the fact that I had run less than a mile and I wanted to stop.

After I completed the first mile I started to feel a little better about being out there. I realized that the soundtrack for my run had little to do with the music I would have listened to as a barrier to my discomfort. I realized that feeling the discomfort and thinking through it was helping me to become stronger.


I am thankful for those moments of peaceful surrender to my mind and body. As I continue to train, I can’t say that I will always run without music because sometimes that is the best way to push past the pain. I will say that over the next few weeks I will consider leaving my ear buds home a few more times and just enjoy the run!

Do you run with or with out music? What is some of your favorite music to run to? Leave a Comment!

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RUNNING ~ Week Six, Day Two: Steady Progress

Can someone please tell me when the first mile stops feeling like I am going to die? Six weeks into this and I really felt like I may not be able to complete the Turkey Trot next week. I was having a serious mental battle on my run this morning. I started with a brisk walk to the track which is approximately .91 miles. Then I stretched and ran two miles. During those two miles I really questioned why I was doing this to myself when I could be at home in my warm bed. God always has a way of reminding that this journey is about more than my current discomfort. Just when I was about to decide that I wasn’t going to run in the Turkey Trot, I heard this song playing
in my earphones… Steady My Heart by Kari Jobe
So I kept going…

On the track I happened upon another couple who were in the midst of their workout. I saw them from afar and could tell they were experienced runners. I don’t know what their splits were but I know they were a lot faster than mine! I am proud of my 10:35 min mile pace on the first mile and 11:26 min mile pace on the second mile. Although they lapped me… Twice… I really used it as encouragement to continue the course. Considering six weeks ago I couldn’t run one mile and it was definitely a lot slower, I am happy that I felt like a runner out there this morning.


After I ran the two miles I stopped, but I wasn’t quite satisfied. So I did some stretches and made the decision to run ONE MORE MILE. It wasn’t my fastest mile but it was still progress. My third mile was my slowest but like I said I choose to see it as progress. (11:52 min mile) looking back on today, I actually completed the five miles I was hoping to complete. I just did not run the whole thing. Tomorrow is another day to reach my goals… but everyday I’m PROUD of my progress!


When you started running, at what point did you feel like a runner? Leave a comment.

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RUNNING ~ Week Six: Back at It and Feeling Strong!

After my little tumble the other day, I had to get back in the game mentally and physically! When I awoke this morning I knew I was going to run but I wasn’t sure how far or how fast. Now that I am six weeks into this plan I was hoping to be able to have my short runs be three miles and my long runs be five miles or more… My body is not agreeing with the plan! However, I did not let that stop me from getting back out there. It would have been easy to use excuses to stop and quit.


Falling and hurting my knees took the wind out of my sails. It happened just when I was getting into a flow mentally. I had reached a point where I could push myself just beyond the point that I thought I couldn’t go any further. I actually pushed way beyond that point when I continued to run and finish three miles after I fell!

I had to get it back mentally, so today I completed four miles… One of which I ran. I walked the first mile, stretched, ran the second mile and then walked two more miles. The great thing about today’s run is that I completed a 10:34 minute mile! Wow! A ten and a half minute mile! I really did not see that coming but I will take it! I guess you could say I got it back!


The beauty of my run today was that it was the first one of the week. The pace gives me something to build on for the rest of the week. I am thinking of adding a day to my workouts just to build a little more consistency into my routine. Currently I run every other day, three days a week and take off the weekends. I really want to be able to complete five miles by then end of this week so I will have to push myself to reach that goal.

It was a great morning. Physically I could have felt better but mentally, I was strong!


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