Is it What You Are Eating or Is it What’s Eating You?

Losing Weight

Often when we struggle with things like our weight, it is not really about the weight. The weight is often a symptom of some under lying issue that we need to address. It could be a lack of self control, a medical issue, depression, or an unaddressed hurt. Whatever it is, if you challenge yourself to address it, you will see the results you are looking for. Here are some steps to take:
1. Stop Relying on Your Own Strength: God is the one who made you so God is the One who can strengthen you. Pray and ask for His Love to surround you, His Strength to uphold you and His Wisdom to Guide you. Stop using will power and use His Power!
2. Stop Trying to Do it On Your Own: Isolation is not your friend. Reach out to others for their help. Find a friend or a support group to hold you accountable to your goals. Whether you choose an online group or an in person group or just one person that you can call when you need to talk, find someone to support your goals and help you reach them.
3. Take One Step at a Time: Often we want to see 50 lbs. come off in a week knowing that it did not go on in a week. Take the first step then take the next and then the next. Before you know it you will be running along and will have reached your goal. If you don’t know where to start try drinking more water everyday, going for a walk everyday or making one healthy food choice everyday. If you can do all three even better. One step leads to the next and you will find success at the end of your road. You can DO this!


Determination is a Funny Thing!

I woke up this morning determined to get my run in. Well maybe not determined, I woke up because I had to go to the bathroom and once I realized that it was early enough for me to get my run in I pushed my way out the door! But… Once I got moving I was so glad I did! I ran TWO MILES TODAY after having only run one time last week.

Determination is a funny thing. It can cause you to push beyond what others say you can do and even what you think you can do! As I ran this morning I was able to enjoy the morning. I noticed the people on their way to work and school. I was able to think clearly and hear my own thoughts. But most of all I was able to find that space where I could clearly hear God.

When I run I listen to gospel/worship music. It inspires me to keep moving and continue this journey I started. As I ran a song called Shifting the Atmosphere by Jason Nelson played. This song helped me to shift from feeling like my run was a chore to really living the moment and appreciating the fact that I can run.

What ever you want to do in life you CAN do it! Shift your mindset to accomplish your goals! I saw this quote on a friends Facebook page, “Life doesn’t come with a remote control. You gotta get up and change it for yourself! – Tyler Perry This is so true so today I determined to change the channel in my life and watch something new!

Getting out the door is half the battle but once you do you can conquer anything!


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