“You’re a stay-at-home mom? What do you DO all day?”

Reading this made me think how we have to be careful when we judge others… As a “Stay at Home” who chose to give up my career, I find it incredulous when someone devalues women who choose to raise their kids fulltime. Although I am well educated, I have a college degree and a master’s degree… it really was not an option for me to work and be a mom. I can appreciate those who decided that being a working mom works for them and their family however, I decided a long time ago that it was not the life I wanted for my family. Thankfully, I married a man who shares the same values. The reality is being a parent in today’s society is a challenge. Raising my children is the MOST important “job” I will ever have. I am happy to dedicate at least the same amount of time and energy (although my position as a mother is forever) as I did to my career outside of my home. I thank Matt Walsh for expressing the importance of moms!

The Matt Walsh Blog

It’s happened twice in a week, and they were both women. Anyone ought to have more class than this, but women — especially women — should damn well know better.

Last week, I was at the pharmacy and a friendly lady approached me.

“Matt! How are those little ones doing?”

“Great! They’re doing very well, thanks for asking.”

“Good to hear. How ’bout your wife? Is she back at work yet?”

“Well she’s working hard at home, taking care of the kids. But she’s not going back into the workforce, if that’s what you mean.”

“Oh fun! That must be nice!”

“Fun? It’s a lot of hard work. Rewarding, yes. Fun? Not always.”

This one wasn’t in-your-face. It was only quietly presumptuous and subversively condescending.

The next incident occurred today at the coffee shop. It started in similar fashion; a friendly exchange about how things are coming along with the…

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