RUNNING ~ Week Six, Day Three: Surprising Myself!!

I woke up later than I wanted, got started later than I wanted… My husband said he wanted to leave a little earlier for work… I decided that I was not going to let that deter me from getting my run in.  Five miles in one shot still eludes me but I’m still running.


I started with my new routine. I walked to the track, stretched and began my run. I had decided on my way there that based on my previous pace and the time I had, I would have to limit myself to a one mile run today.  I was ok with that. Determined to make the most of my time, I began my run. I felt good, actually I felt really good! Surprise number one… I did not feel like I was totally dying!!!

Half a mile in I still was feeling pretty good and I was thinking that I may continue my trend of 10:30ish miles for the week. Third lap, I was starting to feel it a little but was actually enjoying my run. Fourth lap, I decided to push myself a little harder for two reasons.  First, I was keeping my eye on time and I wanted to get back home. Second, I was getting tired and the faster I ran, the faster I would be done!

As I entered the third turn on the track I knew I would hear the voice on my Runtastic app saying “Distance One Mile” soon.

When I finally heard that voice I was stunned to hear the following… “Duration… 9 minutes and 59 seconds” WHAT???


I truly surprised myself! I wanted to keep running but I knew I had time constraints and I still had to go another .91 miles back home… If someone told me six short weeks ago that I would not only be able to not only run several miles at one time but that I would also be able to run a mile in under ten minutes, I would have laughed in their face!

The feeling of accomplishment I had this morning was amazing. Although I still have this love/hate thing going on with running, the confidence I have gained since starting this adventure far outweighs the minor discomfort that comes from running. I think I am really a runner now. And that is the Biggest Surprise of All!


What is the biggest surprise you have encountered since beginning your fitness journey? Leave a comment.

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