RUNNING ~ Week Six: Back at It and Feeling Strong!

After my little tumble the other day, I had to get back in the game mentally and physically! When I awoke this morning I knew I was going to run but I wasn’t sure how far or how fast. Now that I am six weeks into this plan I was hoping to be able to have my short runs be three miles and my long runs be five miles or more… My body is not agreeing with the plan! However, I did not let that stop me from getting back out there. It would have been easy to use excuses to stop and quit.


Falling and hurting my knees took the wind out of my sails. It happened just when I was getting into a flow mentally. I had reached a point where I could push myself just beyond the point that I thought I couldn’t go any further. I actually pushed way beyond that point when I continued to run and finish three miles after I fell!

I had to get it back mentally, so today I completed four miles… One of which I ran. I walked the first mile, stretched, ran the second mile and then walked two more miles. The great thing about today’s run is that I completed a 10:34 minute mile! Wow! A ten and a half minute mile! I really did not see that coming but I will take it! I guess you could say I got it back!


The beauty of my run today was that it was the first one of the week. The pace gives me something to build on for the rest of the week. I am thinking of adding a day to my workouts just to build a little more consistency into my routine. Currently I run every other day, three days a week and take off the weekends. I really want to be able to complete five miles by then end of this week so I will have to push myself to reach that goal.

It was a great morning. Physically I could have felt better but mentally, I was strong!


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2 thoughts on “RUNNING ~ Week Six: Back at It and Feeling Strong!

  1. That’s a great mile time!! Keep it up! πŸ™‚

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