RUNNING ~ Week Five, Day Two: Runners Don’t Hibernate

Living in the northeast, I knew there would come a day when I was required to get out there and run despite the fact that it is COLD! This morning it was about 35 degrees when I started my run. I wish I could say that I forgot all about how cold it was once I started running but I did not! What I did realize is that “Runners Don’t Hibernate”


Once I accepted that it was just gonna be cold on this run, I began to focus on what I wanted to accomplish today. I really got out there with no specific goal other than to do more than I did on Monday. I accomplished that. I was able to get in a three mile run although my phone was not charged enough and I lost contact with my Runtastic app at 2.77miles.


Everyday as a runner is different. Even if you are running the same route there are so many variables. Today, the weather was a challenge for me. Although sunny and bright and dry it was a little windy. As a relatively new runner little things like a gust of unexpected wind can really throw off your breathing. Something else I realized was that I really prefer to run on the track as opposed to on the street. Many people find running on the track boring but I find it comforting and relaxing. On the street I have to worry about uneven pavement, people, dogs, cars, trucks, buses… But on the track I say hello to the other joggers and walkers, I watch the school children as they arrive for their day of learning and I find peace. You could say on the track I get in a groove.

Fifteen days until the Turkey Trot, I am still confident that I will be ready. My goal for this week is to have a five mile run in the books! The weather should be a little warmer on Friday and I am ready to face the challenge head on! How do you get your workouts done in cold weather? What advice would you share for working out in fall and winter?

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