RUNNING ~ Week Five: A Short Run Is Better Than No Run!

After pushing my limits last week and surpassing my goals. I woke up this morning and really was not in the mood to run four miles… I had a busy weekend and I really wanted to stay in my nice warm bed! What I did next made realize that I really am becoming “a runner”.
I got up, threw on my clothes laced up my shoes, kissed my husband and said “I’ll be back soon, I’m going for my run”.
I started so slowly that I decided that it would be faster for me to walk. So that’s what I did. I started with a fast walk and gradually started my running pace. It was still slow, I felt SO sluggish. I determined at that point that I was not running four or more miles today. Then I realized that a short run is better than no run.
Considering that a few weeks ago I could barely run a half a mile without stopping, running two miles today was still an accomplishment.


Five weeks ago I would have never defined myself as a runner. A former athlete maybe, a person who goes to the gym – Yes, someone who enjoys working out – OK, but a RUNNER… Never!
I plan to get up to five miles by the end of the week so I can spend the rest of my training days getting comfortable with that distance.
There are 17 days until the Turkey Trot and I’m getting excited about the possibilities.


Are you preparing for an event in the near or far future? Share your plans, leave a comment!
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Have a FIT and FUN Day!


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