Week Four, Day Two: A Brand New Day!

I am proud to say that RUNNING DIDN’T SUCK TODAY! As a matter of fact I kind of enjoyed my run today. I am not ready to declare that I LOVE running yet but I saw and felt my progress and that is something big.
Three songs gave me life this morning on my run… “Good Morning” by Mandisa, “Days of Elijah” by Twila Paris, and “It’s Not Over” by Israel and New Breed! I think they will become a permanent part of my running playlist! I ran 3.14 miles and walked another .91, I know I’m getting stronger… My pace was a little slower than I wanted (12.55min/mi average pace) but I will take the fact that I ran a 5k before 8 am!
The lesson in this is keep persevering. I set a goal to run at least three days this week and I have two runs down! That is important because the past few weeks I only ran once per week! I still have to get my other workouts in this week but my growing confidence says that it will get done.
When you feel like you are facing an impossible task, face it head on and push past the voices in your head that say “you can’t do it!” You can accomplish anything with the right attitude and the determination to get it done!


Have you accomplished something despite thinking you couldn’t do it? What did you accomplish and how did it make you feel?


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