Workout and Exercise Library

Many of the workouts that I post have multiple exercises that may need some explaining or you may need a visual to help you understand how it’s done! Here is a great resource from ACE Fitness. Most of the exercises I talk about can be found in their Exercise Library. Please refer to this resource for examples.


Determination is a Funny Thing!

I woke up this morning determined to get my run in. Well maybe not determined, I woke up because I had to go to the bathroom and once I realized that it was early enough for me to get my run in I pushed my way out the door! But… Once I got moving I was so glad I did! I ran TWO MILES TODAY after having only run one time last week.

Determination is a funny thing. It can cause you to push beyond what others say you can do and even what you think you can do! As I ran this morning I was able to enjoy the morning. I noticed the people on their way to work and school. I was able to think clearly and hear my own thoughts. But most of all I was able to find that space where I could clearly hear God.

When I run I listen to gospel/worship music. It inspires me to keep moving and continue this journey I started. As I ran a song called Shifting the Atmosphere by Jason Nelson played. This song helped me to shift from feeling like my run was a chore to really living the moment and appreciating the fact that I can run.

What ever you want to do in life you CAN do it! Shift your mindset to accomplish your goals! I saw this quote on a friends Facebook page, “Life doesn’t come with a remote control. You gotta get up and change it for yourself! – Tyler Perry This is so true so today I determined to change the channel in my life and watch something new!

Getting out the door is half the battle but once you do you can conquer anything!


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Inspired to RUN!

When I think about running INSPIRED is not usually the first word I think of… As a contributor for the site FE-Media, I wrote a post in which I talked about ways to stay fit through out the fall and the upcoming holiday season. One of the ways I discuss is participating in a Thanksgiving Day Turkey Trot. In my city this is a five mile run through Fairmount Park. This got me thinking… Don’t just talk about it, BE about it! So, I embarked on a six week plan to ready myself to complete this run.

I purchased new running shoes at the end of the summer, I informed my husband of my plan, and downloaded the Runtastic app! That Monday I drove to the track and began to work! The first day I walked two laps and ran two laps and then walked one then ran one then walked one more and ran one more… Over all I ran a mile that day and completed two! Yay me… I ran three days that week and each day I increased my continuous run until I reached one mile.

On my third run day I was not really motivated to run but I forced myself to get it done. My plan was to have my husband drop me off at the track, run my mile and walk home as my cool down… Well when I got there, the football team was in the midst of a game which meant no track for me. So I determined I was still going to get my run in. My husband and children dropped me off, I did my warm up stretches and I ran home! Every step was a confidence booster and I was very proud that I made it one whole mile without stopping.

The next week was not as gratifying. I was able to run a mile and a half on my first run day but as it turned out it would be my ONLY run day that week. So here I am in week three of my six week plan. I am still inspired to run although I have no runs under my belt this week. However, writing this piece is cathartic and is inspiring me to get it done tomorrow at all costs. It is my hope that one day maybe I will wake up at five or six am throw on my running shoes and bound out the door full of desire and energy to get it done! Until then I will keep pushing myself to do just one more run… Maybe just maybe that one more run will be the one that inspires someone else to RUN!


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Fall Fitness Challenge

As we moved into October, I needed a new way to challenge myself mentally and physically. So I came up with a fall fitness challenge. Everyday this month I have posted a new workout and recipe of the day on my Facebook page, TeamFitMommy
Here are a few of the workouts I’ve created so far! They are designed to be at home workouts and most require no equipment.









If you are a beginner I suggest you only do one set of these exercise routines. If you are advanced, do three sets. Remember to take breaks as needed, move at your own pace, drink water and have fun! How do you plan to challenge yourself this fall?
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