A Moment of Truth

I recently had a moment of truth… After I reached my weight loss goals I kind of slowed down… I realize its normal to slow down but I almost came to a complete stop! I realized even more now than ever that this is not about the scale… My VICTORY is in the LIFESTYLE!

Once the scale said what I wanted it to say it was convenient to use summer and family time as an excuse for stopping. However, I found that I was stopping all of the progress I had started and ultimately had not fully reached my goals. It is not enough to set a goal and stop once you reach it. To become a better person daily each day requires a new goal. It’s important to set SMART GOALS.

In order to not be frustrated by your goals they need to be specific, knowing what you want to accomplish is half of the battle. For example I wanted to lose 50lbs. The goal needs to be measurable. I measured my success in reaching my goal by weighing in once a week until I reached my goal. The goal needs to attainable. Setting a goal that is impossible to reach is frustrating and will cause you to quit. I broke my larger goal into smaller chunks so that as I progressed I knew I would reach my goal. The goal needs to be relevant. Where fitness and nutrition are concerned, relevancy would be considered, doing things that will help not hinder you such as going for a 15-30 minute walk everyday. Lastly the goal needs to be time bound. You must know when you want to reach your goal. I gave myself six months to lose the 50 lbs. In the end it took me about seven months but goals can be reevaluated.
So now it’s time to set a new goal and get motivated all over again! Being fit and healthy is a lifestyle. It is a journey not a destination! Now that I have recognized that I need to continue to set fitness goals, I am on my way to living a life of full health and wellness! Always remember to be fit and have fun!


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