The Numbers on the Scale

Every Monday morning since February 11th I have weighed in. Some Mondays brought great news, some brought not so great news… But through this journey I have learned not to focus solely on the numbers that greet me every Monday! Today I weighed in to find that I did not reach my goal of 50lbs. lost YET! (I’ve lost 48.5… That last 1.5lbs is putting up a fight!) So I didn’t lose anything, but I didn’t gain anything either! Thats a success in my book! Last Monday was my birthday and I realize that I may have indulged a little bit this past week, so ultimately I feel good about where I am!
Here are some key ideas that keep my weight loss moving in the right direction and my mind focused on the goal not the scale.
✔Losing weight is more mental than physical! Motivation comes from within, you have to find yours!
✔Find support from like minded people. (Whether they are family, friends, or an online community. I share my progress on Facebook, MyFitnessPal, and this blog!)
✔Whatever plan you choose, follow it and stick to it and you will see progress! I used the SHRED DIET by Dr. Ian Smith. It was a plan that I could live with and it worked for me!
✔One bad meal or day won’t stop your progress! Keep going!
✔Enjoy the Journey! Don’t look for the quick fix… Ultimately your health and wellness will be determined by you creating a new lifestyle!



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