How to Reach Your Weight-loss Goals…

I started is journey after having two children in two years at the age of 40 and 41 and gaining about fifty pounds each time! In January of this years found that I was the heaviest I had ever been in my life 200.4lbs. I never imagined that I could weigh that much! I was always the skinny one in my family. Throughout my teen and young adult years I was very active and never even thought about being overweight at some point in my life… So in January I made up my mind that it was time for something to change!
Change is not always easy but I found that with a determined mind, it was easier than thought! First I set a goal of how much I wanted to lose and by when. I began with using the MyFitnessPal app/website. I was able to determine how many calories I should eat each day to maintain a consistent weight loss. Then I decided it was time to use the gym membership I was paying for… Then in February I started the SHRED Diet. By following these plans I have ultimately lost 48.5lbs! I am 1.5lbs away from my goal of 50 lbs. I am pretty sure I will reach my goal this week! I have learned that this is a journey not a destination! Today I am healthier, stronger, and ultimately happier!
With persistence and determination YOU can reach your goals too!



2 thoughts on “How to Reach Your Weight-loss Goals…

  1. Yeah, you started a website for this. I am very proud of you. Let’s do this and get the weight off.

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