The Numbers on the Scale

Every Monday morning since February 11th I have weighed in. Some Mondays brought great news, some brought not so great news… But through this journey I have learned not to focus solely on the numbers that greet me every Monday! Today I weighed in to find that I did not reach my goal of 50lbs. lost YET! (I’ve lost 48.5… That last 1.5lbs is putting up a fight!) So I didn’t lose anything, but I didn’t gain anything either! Thats a success in my book! Last Monday was my birthday and I realize that I may have indulged a little bit this past week, so ultimately I feel good about where I am!
Here are some key ideas that keep my weight loss moving in the right direction and my mind focused on the goal not the scale.
✔Losing weight is more mental than physical! Motivation comes from within, you have to find yours!
✔Find support from like minded people. (Whether they are family, friends, or an online community. I share my progress on Facebook, MyFitnessPal, and this blog!)
✔Whatever plan you choose, follow it and stick to it and you will see progress! I used the SHRED DIET by Dr. Ian Smith. It was a plan that I could live with and it worked for me!
✔One bad meal or day won’t stop your progress! Keep going!
✔Enjoy the Journey! Don’t look for the quick fix… Ultimately your health and wellness will be determined by you creating a new lifestyle!



Do You Want a Stronger Core?

Do you ever look at magazines and wonder if those abs are really airbrushed??? Well, in real life people have to eat right and workout to get the perfect abs! However, aesthetics aside… There are many reasons you should be doing an Ab workout. The biggest reason is to build a strong core. Your core supports so many muscles in your body and it makes many of our daily movements and activities possible.
Planks are an excellent, no equipment exercise that can be done virtually anywhere. Not only do they strengthen your core they tone your arms and back! Check out this 20 Minute Plank Workout from PopSugar


How to Reach Your Weight-loss Goals…

I started is journey after having two children in two years at the age of 40 and 41 and gaining about fifty pounds each time! In January of this years found that I was the heaviest I had ever been in my life 200.4lbs. I never imagined that I could weigh that much! I was always the skinny one in my family. Throughout my teen and young adult years I was very active and never even thought about being overweight at some point in my life… So in January I made up my mind that it was time for something to change!
Change is not always easy but I found that with a determined mind, it was easier than thought! First I set a goal of how much I wanted to lose and by when. I began with using the MyFitnessPal app/website. I was able to determine how many calories I should eat each day to maintain a consistent weight loss. Then I decided it was time to use the gym membership I was paying for… Then in February I started the SHRED Diet. By following these plans I have ultimately lost 48.5lbs! I am 1.5lbs away from my goal of 50 lbs. I am pretty sure I will reach my goal this week! I have learned that this is a journey not a destination! Today I am healthier, stronger, and ultimately happier!
With persistence and determination YOU can reach your goals too!


Tone Your Triceps

Everyone raves about Michelle Obama’s arms, well you can have people rave about yours as well! It’s summer and you know you will be wearing short sleeves, tank tops and swimwear! Try this simple but effective workout for your triceps…


Welcome to TeamFitMommy

TeamFitMommy came to be when I realized that I had to do something to change my life and that others wanted to change theirs too!  After having two children in two years and gaining about 50lbs each time, I made the decision to lose some weight and get fit!  This blog is designed to chronicle my weight loss and fitness journey and to offer ideas to others on how they can get fit too!  Please note: This blog is for inspiration and information and does not constitute medical advice.  Please consult your physician before undertaking any diet or fitness plan. With that said, Welcome Fit Family! Thank you for joining me on this journey!